Thursday, March 12, 2009

This tugging.. (this is a long entry! I need your help as well..)

It was an impulse action. He truly regretted it then that he took no heed of his boring wife's mumblings of getting the tyre chain....for just in is still winter after all...

We were going up thinking

*to risk or not to risk?*

…we were risking it…...digging deep insde the adventurous side of our minds....
until he saw the sign when translated says…

*Having the tyre chain is a must!*

He stopped the car. Thinking hard. I could hear his mind debating…*to turn back or move on??*…As the other 3 hearts beat loudly… wishing that it was a move on he would decide on…. he was the boss there. The steering on his hands. When suddenly…

*7890* move on!

Allah had help him decide by making the police passed our matrix and told us to move on!!


And that was how we got to the Uludağ mountain in Bursa by car… of course we bought the chain on the way up… for an expensive price i might say…but the fun and laughter of the kids and the contented and happy face of beloved…the risk was definitely worth taking!

Yup.. we were in Bursa 2 weekends ago..…a city full of histories and loads and loads of camiis (mosques) to visit. It is a city if i have to move out of İstanbul.. a city i can live in…We reached there Saturday noonunder the rain… we got drenched to the bone…as we visted 12 places that day under the rain. Were we cold? U bet! I was dreaming of hot chocolate of the turkish winter drink Salep as we walked from one place to another… but we simply couldnt find a place that we liked to drink those drinks…i lost my beloved camera twice even! Hahaha.. i can laugh now..but trust me..i almost cried that day…twice! Hahahah…

we even met hatice’s class teacher Nuray Çatman in one of the Camiis!It is a small world after all…. ... I wont bore u all with the details of every camii… this is not after all a tourist guide. But let me tell you one thing though…. With all the köftes we ate ate the famous çiçek izgara..where baddin demolished 2 portions of köfte everytime we ate there….or the famous İskender kebap where they accidently gave me 1.5 portion instead of the 1 portion that i asked….in between entering the çarşı (open markets) where bursa is famous for itz textile..esp towel business… entering the camiis…where we prayed the sunat as well as the fardu prayers….museums…displays..our matrix was truly dirty by the end of the 2 days...but it was a trip where we came home happy… truly exhausted…yes… but with a glow in our faces… :0)
at koza çarşısı..a place where it used to be the centre where silk was sold.. He may not know all the readings in a prayer..but he prayed still everytime we entered a camii...MasyaAllah...

in ulu camii

just look at the workmanship!

The oldest stone made camii in bursa...the carvings are simply delicious!

the three of us soaking wet posing in one of the camiis...

outside a museum near yeşil (i call it blue) camii..

one of lifez greatest pleasure at uludağ mountain... for 5TL an hour..thatz very cheap!!

father n son.. the son was the best slider there at that time i might say.. no fear ..just slide without even holding the brake!!

a happy kid with a frozen feet heheheh

he looks like he had blusher on eh?..

thatz truly from the cold...

Anne... snap fast!!!
We wanna slide some more!!

Alhamdulillah..things are great at my side of life. I am enjoying 2 weeks off teaching...yup! 2 mondays free of teaching...

But the thing is..i am being tugged... my heart has been tugged by this instinct which keeps on lecturing me on the true things i should do... the angelic side of the instincts...

It had been bugging me eversince last year in kept saying...


All these while... i had been letting my kids sort of learn the turkish accent of Quran reading from several places...they live in turkey.. they should be accustomed to the people's accent of reading the holy book... instead of the typical Alif... Ba... Tha... they read it as Elif... be..te... Malaysia..i was trained with the pronunciation...

But this tugging at the back of my mind had gotten too forceful that i could no longer ignore it...After a much discussion with my love one... we have decided that i will take over their Quran education...Allah knows that i need help even in my reading... when i tried to open the 7 CDs on how to learn Quran... the computer system couldnt open that cd!! i was shocked!! i needed something to guide me thru this in this quest!! i checked the internet...many paid sites.... and finally i saw this one site...

which is very simple and yet is a big help indeed for me to plan my lessons with the kids...
With the books we have at home.. bought from Malaysia as well as from istanbul... slowly..for 10 minutes for 3 days a week... my kids are learning their Alphabets in arabics...i am not pushing them too hard...their workload at school is too heavy as it is... Alhamdulillah.. they are willng to learn despite everything...bit by i teach i do my own research to prepare for the lesson.. i too am getting better..i guess that is the benefits of it all.. the bereket... i keep praying to Allah...
*Ya..Allah...i am with so many flaws...Pls dont hold my flaws against my kids...pls help me to teach them reading your book*...

So far..Alhamdulillah...HE is helping me by telling it to my instincts what is the better way .etc..etc...

I had also made a promise to the kids.... Years ago..i promised them that i will only start with their english book reading once Baddin knows how to read in Turkish... Yup.. the time has come.... along with the tugging i have for my kids to learn Al Quran...this too is bugging me... And so... starting with some materials i bought from Malaysia a few years ago...phonics..etc..etc..I think Hatice and Baddin are really doing very well indeed.....i buy them simple nglish books from here too naturally... phew! they r expensive indeed!! i am not sure when we will converse more in English at home...but not now...reading first...a fluent reader..then a fluent speaker...(psss..i think they have an american accent!!)

And another internal tugging...BM!! Yup.. Bahasa Melayu... the language i speak back home... U are free to sneer at me... before this.. i thought.. since we can only go to Malaysia once in 5 years..and i only speak the northern malay accent only whenever i call my family... i thought that making the kids speak English is enough.... suprisingly... this new tug in me is telling me...


This is where i really really need your help...
This may be a bit too late..but if there is anyone who knows where i can order Malay books... starting with learning the Malay phonics... and simple interesting coloured books in Malay via the internet...can you pleaseeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeee share the addy with me???

Yes.. i do not go online in blogspot much these days... Yes... i almost never blog hop anymore..I think i am finally taking a bigger responsibility towards my kids' language education...something i should have done ages ago... itis not too late...

If you have any suggestions..pls.. dont be shy to share them with me....
i will be truly grateful!!

Thank You for hopping by. Hope to see you again soon... :0)


Blogger silversarina said...


Wah, macam2 aktiviti di Bursa dan Uludag tu amatlah jelesnya akak kat salji tu ...hehehe.

Nanti akak kirimkan buku2 yang boleh digunakan untuk peringkat awal BM, BI dan Quran dan Simah memang boleh ajar mereka di rumah dan kanak2 ni cepat tangkap apa yang kita ajar InsyaAllah.

March 16, 2009 at 2:57 AM  
Blogger Mama Rock said...

wow simah, that's a big project you have there! unfortunately i dont know any sites that teach bahasa online (my kids are over the phase). but insyaAllah, soon help will be pouring in. good luck sis!

March 17, 2009 at 5:39 AM  
Blogger aNIe said...

Salam simah...nampaknya simah dan anak2 enjoy betul di Bursa...banyak betul camii kat sana...cantik2 buatannya...

Banyak sungguh perkara yang membimbangkan Simah...tapi...simah kene sabar...insyaallah dengan tekad dan usaha...segalanya akan menjadi lebih baik...

Rasa2nya kalau ada sesiapa yang menjadi guru diluar sana...mereka akan tau apakah buku2 yang bagus untuk anak2 simah...

March 17, 2009 at 11:37 AM  
Blogger Nong said...

Nampak seronok betul the kids and parents enjoying the winter holiday!

Alhamdulillah, it's good to teach them to read al-Quran resam uthmani way. As for the BM, kena start from basic tu... Good luck & take care!

March 17, 2009 at 12:06 PM  
Anonymous farhah said...


i am ur silent reader :)
i think this website will help u in teaching ur kids bahasa melayu..:)

btw..u need to register to order books..:)

March 18, 2009 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Alinlai said...

cantik Bursa...bleh masuk dlm travel planner ke ke ke... opsss bagi budak2 besar skit senang nak berjalan-jalan kan kan kan

March 19, 2009 at 10:52 AM  
Blogger Hazia said...

Bursa ya?
Gosh, I misssss Turkey! Rasa macam nak visit again:)

12 venues while drenching wet? Caya la. I gi Priene saja yang kena icy rain in Winter pun dah tension, hehe...Iskandar doner tu ada kat Taksim kan? Dekat my hotel, memang sedap.

March 21, 2009 at 12:54 PM  
Blogger simah said...

Kak Rina
akak... jom jom mai sini... :0)

akak.. saya masih terasa terharu dengan kebaikan akak... hanya Allah yg dpt membalas jasa akak.. HUGSsssssss


March 22, 2009 at 9:46 AM  
Blogger simah said...

Mama Rock
Thanks... :0)

heheh yup..ur kids r wayy past the bm learning age hehee lucky you..

Yup.. a big project indeed... entah terdaya ke idak...insyaAllah terdaya kot... yg penting sekarang bacaan Al is going slowly... but steadily.. BM tu kena tunggu materials dulu...

Alhamdulillah.. kak rina dah poskan a few books.. kawan best buddy ever tu pun is giving me loads of nasihat dan kata semangat (next to saya kena kutuk hehehe)... InsyaAllah kalu kerja yg bagus Allah takkan biarkan mcm tu... hopefully saya yg tak lemah semangat..

kak nong
thanks akak.. reminding myself... *this is my responsibilities...dont give up!! * :0) ..
salam :0) my silent reader eh? :0)

terima kasih for the link...tadi saya dah tengok is obvious that bacalah anakku series r the books i need to focus on...

terima kasih :0)

aku dok tunggu.. ajaq anak hang biasa dgn or..nanti masa hangpa merayau..aku volunteer babysit! hehehe

mai la lagi hehehe

iskender kebap kena mkn kat bursa..kat tempat lain tak sama rasa kesedapan dia tau!

drenching wet pun when u r together enjoying urself.. memang berbaloiiiiiii... :0)

March 22, 2009 at 9:54 AM  

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