Saturday, January 31, 2009

Resurfing Again...

Scenario 1

It was definitely not my kind of idea to recieve was not..... everything was totally an out of the blue thing...a day to remember indeed... at least for me..

When i recieved a sms from a girl called Anis.... saying that she is a daughter of a relative....i really cracked my brain to remember our relationship and connection... for a person who remember not the details of whoz who in the family tree... She asked whether we could meet the next day and i said yes.... The truth is... it doesnt really matter if i know her or not... relative or strangers... the point is... she is here...and i am the host in this country.....anyway... she is a girl... so i could go and see her on my own unlike if it is of a male specie...that is a different matter of course...if it is a guy... like in the case of kak roza's son (Dith)...Poor Muhammad..i couldnt go n meet him when he was here coz my beloved was busy!

And so that morning after sending the kids to school (they sort of miss the school service)..i rushed to see Anis at the other side of the bridge (europe).... she turned up with 5 other friends! hahahahahah.. Oh yeah...i felt so ancient be surrounded by 6 young giggling sweet girls... all like our kak roza's daughters (they were here i think 2 years ago? hmmm... bila pulak kak roza sendiri yg nak datang ni???) ...are studying in russia... specialising in medics...

I took them to eat the Sultan Ahmet Köfte near the blue mosque.....while trying to get to know them better......since they were free for the day..i suggested that they come with me to Asia and perhaps they could go for a visit to the princesses islands here in Asia......But first..a stop at my place for prayer....the island n dinner at my place..

Fate however was not on their side i guess... time was running out.. and with the girls being tired..i told them to just make themselves at home while i went out to buy some vegetables and stuffs for cooking... Oh yeah... it was totally a rush coz my home was in a mess...i had been rushing here and there eversince very early in the morning..i had to tidy up things in a speed once the girls reached my place... ... the dirty clothes was scattered everywhere...laundry needed washing...the fridge was bare (literally speaking)...i didnt sleep much the nite before as well... n home mental as well as my physical being .....i was not ready to receive guests..

I gave the girls the tv remote control and some dvds to choose from n went ahead with my shopping...showed them how to make mizwer... showed them the *hamsi* fish n how to debone the fish...gave them a bit of cooking tips here n there... and later on...taught them how to *cook* turkish coffee... my rush:...the mizwer turned out too salty n almost burnt! hahahaha... i forgot to buy corn flour to fry the hamsi fish instead... they had to make do with the normal flour....i cooked not enough rice...which luckily was just enough to feed the girls... i forgot to fry the chicken as i had initially planned! and worst still... my turkish coffee was not frothy enough! hahahahahahah i was a totally downgraded cook!! not up to my normal standard at all!!Yes..the Zaims would be ashamed of my cooking skill that day! hahahahaha...well..what can i say..i was in a rush.. n trust me..if i am in a rush...nothing turns out right! hahahaha..typical simah!!!

But the girls...bless them....i suppose they miss a homelike environment..i suppose learning cooking a few different things in a different environment can actually be enjoyable to these young hearts.... .. asking questions of many sorts...they were a great help as well...n they were very eager too to see hatice n baddin!They think my kids r cute heheh And pakize the cat...? they love cats so it was not a problem...though i have to say almost none of them left my place without getting a part of their bodies scratched!! hehe sorry about that girls...:0)

It was really an honour to have them here...and despite the upside down situation...i think the girls enjoyed their stay here as well...even for only a few hours...and having to eat terribly cooked food! hahahaha come again my dears! I promise to cook better tasting food the next time u come around...only pls...give me a day's notice! heheheh And so..that the story... The girls got to see me at my worst..:0)

Scenario 2

*Anne, I love the green *forest* but i dont like the white forest*

Hatice was saying while her lil bro nodded in agreement...
When i presented them a white frothy liquid and they tasted it....she exclaimed

*Anne! i love this!!* while he again nodded in agreement and said *delicious!*..

Yes.. the fate of moms... how we try our best to make our kids eat their fruits and veggies coz they r good for the health... the green forest is actually the florets of the brocolli while the white forest is the florets of the cauliflower and i am truly happy that they complain no more when they are presented with these florets at home.. and the white froth...? that was the caulliflower creamy soup..

hatice loves her brocolli raw while baddin loves it when it is blanched with hot water for half a minute and later immersed in cold water to preserve the greenish color and outlook of the forest....we do try our best eh? As long as they eat their veggies...

r we these days? We r fine Alhamdulillah... The kids r on their winter beloved is terribly busy... and in between everything...we all try to do things as a family whenever possible...for some reason... hatice and baddin do demand quality family time together where the four of us do things it going to carrefour for dessert or just sitting at home and playing scrabble...I am glad that even at this age...they see the importance of being together...

Time flies really fast.. when i look at them.. they are both so grown up...Hatice will be taller than i perhaps in 2 year's time. Baddin is trying to catch up with her...drinking loads of milk and eating yogurt and all sorts of veggies...

When i look at Hatice... MasyaAllah... she is developing her potential nicely in all sense...all at her own pace. I cannot ask for a better daughter... she is truly my number one assistant. I guess it is true when people say that when u have a girl for ur first child... u r very lucky... i can see that myself... Educationwise... her best subject is easily English and Turkish language....while she still needs help with math... that...she is of the average level.. but in the last test where there was a standardized exam among the coşkun schools... suprisingly, she got 100 for her math and if i am not mistaken....96 for her turkish! hahahah

Baddin?he has got his dad's brain ..MasyaAllah...catching up with the lesson is easy with him... it was his social skills that i worred about... Even that.. he has improved tremendously... he is more open....much much more talkative...very naughty (is that good r bad???)...he kept getting scolded for being late to class with his partner in crime....for a first grader...if he keeps this up... he will be able to utilise his potential fully esp with the right guidance...

I have decided upon myself as well that yes.. both of them..specifically baddin will have more responsibilities outside the home... For example... a few nights ago...while we were at Carrefour's food court..i showed baddin a place, gave him enough money n he was to go there and ordered *ayran*....gave the money to the cashier...take the balance money back and bring the tray of Ayran to me. He did it successfully...A bit later.... i asked hatice to do the same...It was important for baddin esp since he neeeds to overcome certain fears while increasing his self confidence...he was happy to do it too...unlike the previous year...

The next stop will be the shopping tour... they need to learn what is where... which is good for health n which is not...what the names are....etc..etc...The how n where to pay...etc..etc... Everything that we do in our everyday lives..My aim is for them to slowly learn everything so that after a certain age...i can *bully* them to do all these things while i become a couch potato! hahahahah...Just kidding...:0) The thing is.. they need to know these shown how these simple things operate so that they will feel good about that they wont be ignorant and can ease into real life without much effort when the time comes... i know that they r eager to learn slowly...i think it is about time i become a better mother as a lil bit more attention to them...

As for me...i had plenty of time to collect my thoughts... our pc is finally back ... the camera is fixed and is waiting for me to collect it from the nikkon servis at the other side of the bridge (europe)...i have truly missed u lot a lot..but it was really a nice break from all things electricals...

i am again playing in my kitchen...playing with the cooking books...tantalising their taste buds... something i had abandoned for quite some time...esp after baba's death...

after years of trying...i have also come up with a confirmed never to fail simahz way of cooking aşure(bubur asyura) which is compatible to most of the Zaim's tastebud while injecting a bit of malaysian enthnicity in it in the amount of milk i added..

I am also a very much improved driver.....i have lost those fears i used to have while driving..i am driving the way i used to drive in Malaysia.. only this the terrible turkish traffic!!!! i am still terrible in parking...something i plan to rectify if only my beloved can find the time to train me...(maybe i will have to wait till summer?)...i am still teaching that 3 hours every students think that i am a good instructor..and i think that they r good students as well...i will go back to being a housewifey again by May...i will truly miss teaching then...

All in all... things r looking up...This Malaysian bride is doing good here.... I am glad all the attacks in Gazza has stopped. But while it was all going on...i am once again reminded as to why my heart feel attached to the people of this country... Of the kind heart of the people here.....Help is poured everywhere for the people opf Gazza...students...normal people....Just imagine... in 4 of the schools in istanbul collected enogh money (from their students) ..enogh to buy an ambulance for Gazza! Just imagine the whole of Turkey.... Yes... Turkey has itz flaws...but this is not on of them...The kindness of the people's heart is this country's best point indeed...

Thank You for hopping by. Hope to see you again soon... :0)


Blogger zino said...

panjang nya cerita.. hehe

January 31, 2009 at 12:49 PM  
Blogger Kak Elle said...

zino tu kira2 bayar hutang dgn entry panjang lebar...hehe

welcome back simah dearie...hugs to the children.

January 31, 2009 at 12:51 PM  
Blogger Zek Zek said...

biler nak sampai turkey? I rasa derang tak kisah pun pasal what happened to the coffee or the ayam goreng....most important is dapat jumpa simah kat sana!

January 31, 2009 at 2:35 PM  
Blogger simah said...

melepas geram hehe

kak elle
betul tu akak :0)

thanks..akak sihat?

Zek Zek
memang depa tak kisah tapi kita la pulak sbg tuan rumah rasa alahaiii lemah!! hahah

hang sihat kiah?

February 1, 2009 at 9:40 AM  
Blogger dith said...


Bless you for ever willing to accept guests! In fact only last night dalam klas kitab Hikam, ustaz said that a house that always have guests are blessed by Allah swt. You are definitely blessed SImah! Insyallah.

Insyallah kalau ada rezeki, kta akan berjumpa di Istanbul, baik di bahagian eropah maupun asia, hehe

Badin ikut daddy dia eh? Boleh jadi professor jugak ek, :P

February 1, 2009 at 10:08 AM  
Anonymous aNishAzirAh said...

yes...may Allah bless kak simah.

first of all, thanx to kak simah for being so nice to us. thanx for teaching us how to make some turkish dishes n coffee. although u said the fish n 'cucur' thing was salty n almost burnt, we liked it so much (maybe we were hungry). =p
well yeah.. we were very eager to meet the Turkish faces of ur children. send my regards to them.
anyway, sorry for making ur day turned upside down (as we came not on the right time maybe n didn't tell u earlier). only Allah can repay u.well, it only took a day at ur place, but we felt like we had known u for years. thanx a lot for the hospitality. i will always remember the day. =)

February 17, 2009 at 7:23 PM  
Blogger simah said...

akak datang la sini one day yea bila ada peluang dan rezeki... teringin saya nak jumpa akak :0)

yup.. baddin is scaringly cerdik...cepat dia tangkap..cuma social skill tu ja yg kurang...

the pleasure was mine... tu la..akak terkilan aja tak dapat layan korang betul betul.. lauk pun tak tentu arah.... nanti one day datang la lagi.. and that goes to all your friends as well :0)

February 19, 2009 at 1:01 PM  

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