Sunday, July 6, 2008


who needs tv when u can have the cats entertainng u while they play...n fiht with each other???
We went out eating at a food stall somewhere..when the bill came for the food... it was 60 malaysian ringgit only! n that was for 11 people!!!

True..i can see the price difference from 5 years ago i was here...esp with the global increase of the fuel price... that affected practically almost everything price wise...

but 60 rm for 11 people! it is comparatively totally toooooo cheap to the prices of food in istanbul! It is no wonder of course when u see that Malaysians...regardless of their races flock local food stalls ...

Ever since i came home.... i cant count the times we eat out.... most times...we ate dinner at home... n one point of the nite....somebody will say....*hey! letz eat outside!!* and outside we did eat! 2 dinners in one nite... n that does happen quite often!! hahahahahahah... of is easy to eat out since most food stalls close at 4pm... n yes! people do flock food stalls after midnite..... now that i am here...i just remembered how i missed those times when on impulse.. one of us would say night or nearly midnight.......

*Hey letz go out n eat something??*

n the rest would agree....of course the one with money would treat the rest....

and yes! i am eating non stop! hahahaha i am getting sooo bad that if u wanna see me... we may have just chat with me hiding behind the curtain! hahahahaha..luckily my beloved expect no less from me ...luckily it will be fasting month after malaysia! :0)

And eversince i have lost many people`s contact number esp since my old hp swam inside the bubbly water....this is my hp no in malaysia... this number is only for people with good intentions ok?... here it is...

014 6673304

Baddin had flu...fever n cough last week... sickness i feared had started its round for the frst time here... Alhamdulillah...i am well equipped medicine wise...n being in the open healthy air made it possible for him to recover faster (almost)....

Now that i look back at it...time passes really quickly....the clock is ticking for my lil sister to become a wife.... time getting shorter for my kids to spend time with their malaysian family members...... and the cats!! i really dunno how we will say goodbye to these cute cats...

hatice said to me in turkish...

*Anne...keske istanbul burasi gibi....apartman cok cok az... hep evlere var..agaclar cok.*

anne... i wish istanbul is like here.. there r very less apartments...mostly houses... lots of trees*

Despite us missing my beloved...i am glad we brought the kids here...they r experiencing things i wanna them to see...they will remember this experience...the good n d bad...i really hope that this will affect their character building in a positive way... coz this...wont come often... n who knows... will they still have a grandma or a grandpa in malaysia the next time they come here? Nothing is certain.. n for now... i want them to enjoy this malaysian life as best as possible...

Thank You for hopping by. Hope to see you again soon... :0)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum simah, Glad to hear that your children are adapting very well here.
Baguslah simah bagi hp no tu. I lost my hp today in the school canteen'. All my saved nos are gone.

Most probably we all tak jadi rombangan bas. Tapi insyaAllah, naik kreta sendiri2. I am very2 sorry I won't be able to make it on that day. Ada program kat sekolah which is compulsory for all. Tapi don't worry, Akak akan datang juga on one of the weekends sbelum tu. I'll give u a call.

Bila nak balik Kota? Musim durian tau.

Salam to all
Kak Kiah

July 7, 2008 at 2:43 PM  
Blogger k.d said...

Alahai...rindu tengok you all seronok kat sana. Seronok kan tengok bebudak suka hati and enjoying themselves there and experiencing new cultures and environment.

Anak-anak I bila balik Malaysia bising panas and kena gigit nyamuk. Sian kat dia orang but suka tengok dia orang kena pampered bagai nak rak by families.

Enjoy your days there...and makan dan makan dan makan yaa!!

July 7, 2008 at 11:31 PM  
Anonymous Lah said...

Simah!!! I'm so glad u and the kids are having good time in Malaysia!! Masha-allah Tabaraakallah!!

ehh I lupa nak tell u that my kaklong is getting married on the same day as ur sis!! Tapi kita tak confirm sedih..insha-allah my hubby change his mind.
My in-laws r in Ankara right now! They will be back here after Bayram

Anyway...enjoy ur time in Malaysia!

July 8, 2008 at 2:01 AM  
Blogger Mama Rock said...

wei, lost your phone ya? nanti i email you my number again. seronoknya balik kampung ya!

July 8, 2008 at 6:05 AM  
Anonymous simah said...

kak kiah
akak...nanti dah ada no baru sms yea no baru??

kota .....durian?? ehem... akak tak balik kota ka sblm mai sini??? *wink* ..

ayah pesan suruh akak bawak segala buah kat kampung tu... hehehehehe eh tu bukan pesanan saya tau..tu pesanan ayahhh...hehehehehe

ok akak... give me a call yea bila nak mai nanti....takut nanti akak datang kitaorang merayap pulak..akak mai dengan sapa nanti? alia dah pi merayap pi australia dah?

mak n ayah kirim salam...depa still dok sibuk memanggil..

mine tak dak problem dengan nyamuk.. just lots n lots of semut... sakittt gila diaorang gigit! creative devils to they r... kids dipamper gilaa... sama la dengan i.. nak makan apa aja sebutttttttttt..mesti sampai atas meja the next day... ;0)

yup... eat! eat! eat! makan tak ingat dunia dah k.d! hahahahaha

congrats! kakak u tu cantik..i am suprised that she stays single for thatia kawin org sg gak ka?

laaaaa u balik la sg lah.. i was planning to pi rumah kak elle on the 2 n 3rd ogos... kalau u ada sana boleh la kita jumpa....

mama rock
yup... lost everything... n considering our dial up internet connection is so slow... nak masuk internet pun lecehhhhhhhhh...

email yea akak?

July 8, 2008 at 6:52 AM  

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