Friday, June 20, 2008

Home in Penang...

“ Baba!!! Karinca!!!”
Baddin screamed.

My beloved just couldnt believe how hopeless it was to fight with the ants....He sprayed them with chemicals..... he vacuumed them.... he tried to close their holes... but to no avail...n worse.... they bite!!! Those small ants found in the bedroom we r staying really bite!!Baddinz body is pitifully red all beloved. Hatice n i ....we r continuously scratching.... it is a hopeless battle... but this being the only room in the house... n considering that my kids cant sleep under the simplest n light.... i have no choice but to put them there.... n so... we scratch ourselves....lucky halil.... he is escaping d ants coz he is on the way to istanbul right now...

The heat... hmmm.... should i say anymore?? Wink... u know what i mean la kan...we r all bathing in sweat.... n guess what? My elder brother...he pitied my children do much that......not only he sent us all to Penang (my parentz place) together with my cousin... he also bought an air cond for my parents!! Yippie!! Thanks bro!! U cant imagine how happy u have made me!!

How r the kids coping?? Yes... i cant deny...this Malaysia is a difficult experience for them... the heat...the difference in everything.....Even my beloved finds it difficult...but they r acting happy on the surface...they dont really tell what they r feeling coz they know how happy i am here... n so they r suffering in silence for me... in return... i am trying to make their life as comfortable as cooking for them each day domething their palate can take... coz my mom cooks hot n spicy at least if i cook for them something quite familiar...they wont hate me for bringing them here...hatice especially craves for the thick turkish yogurt with her each meal...Alas... we only have fruity yogurt which is quite runny compared to the ones they r used to....

Initially...It was difficult to find the taste of milk brand that they would like...Alhamdulillah... after trying many brands.. they have finally decided that they can accept the taste of dutch lady brand fresh milk! Phew!!! As for me.... i crave for that red..plum...without hormones tomatoes!!! I looked everywhere at the night market... no luck so far...

It was also another matter of getting the kids to the bathroom n toilet over here...i have to start from square one!!..for example...the system is that... at my parentsz place...even though it is an ala franga toilet...u need to scoop the water from anothe container to wash urself...hatice n baddin is still learninng to wwash themselves without getting themselves wet.... hatice?? Not bad... baddin?? Not a success at all... i am washing him for now...n worse!! He is scared to do his big toilet from fear of the system he is not used to!!!!

But t is not all bad...Hatice for example has the chance to play with the cats n the kittens for her every waking moments....both r being pampered by their grandparents.... uncles... aunties...n cousins.....despite the language barrier....the language of love speaks a lot of volume...n the fruit!!!! My beloved has hadthe taste of a lot of fruits....durian...rambutan...mata kuching...dokong... guava... pineapple...mangosteen....loads of fresh juice...malaysian fruit flavoured ice cream....even yam flavoured ice cream!!! Hehehehe... n yes!! My beloved got to drink the fresh coconut juice as well!! ...freshly plucked from the coconut tree in our home garden.. >0)

As for me.... the heat proudly cried.. “selamat pulang ke Malaysia!’....welcome home to is so typ’cally malaysian to see ladies with headscarves wearing short sleeves...or when i go to the food court in big shopping complexes to see the varieties of cousin n my lil bro even called me ‘hantu buah’ (meyve manyak)... n i am sure eating as different varieties of food as possible...asking my mom to cook me my fav dish everyday...i also find that in Malaysian homes... the dishes cooked r left on the whoever is hunry...will just go to the table and eat. The food stays on the table until everybody has finished eaten...which can mean an hour from now or two hours later....people just eat the food even though it may be doesnt matter.....people dont really mind eating cold food even though it is supposed to be a hot dish...which is contrastive to the turkish culture where hot dishes should be eaten hot n not cold....interesting really... :0)

I am afraid my handphone had swam in bubbly foamy water.. thus all the numbers stored in the handphone r missing!! I am planning to get a new handphone in a day ir two...i really hope that u can email me r contact number so that i can add u in again....

Pls email me at...
I will really appreciate it...

N due to the slow connection n lack of time... (as it is i am typing in the dark)...i cant upload loads of pics...will try to update soon...

o\p.s...dear Queen of the house... referring to ur previous comment about the snail cream...yes it works... will sms u later...bila i got a new hp... (ker ada sesapa yg nak sponsor hp ni??) hahaha just kidding... :0)

i will try to answer the comments in the previous entry laater :0) tak sempat...

Thank You for hopping by. Hope to see you again soon... :0)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Simah,
Glad to know that u r back in Penang.
Kenapa Along tu nampak muda sangat?
Jeles nya akak.
Tak de beza pun masa akak dok sana nearly 25 yrs ago. Apa rahsia dia.
Kesian Baddin. Sampai kat muka pun kena gigit ke? Nyamuk ke semut?
Turkish Blood sedap kot.
Kirim salam kat Makcek and Pakcek ,Yana and Along. Jumpa nanti masa Yana's wedding. Mungkin we all datang satu rombongan bas dari Kajang.
My hp 0137301234

Kak Kiah

June 21, 2008 at 2:17 AM  
Blogger zino said...

dah balik malaysia ke?? for good atau sementara je?? kesian dia org kena kejutan budaya.. tak lama lagi ok lah tu..

June 21, 2008 at 6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simah dear,

Glad you are enjoying the FOOD!

ps: I have good news to share! :-)

June 22, 2008 at 1:44 AM  
Anonymous ms istanbul said...

Opps... accidently hit the button. It's me, ms istanbul.

June 22, 2008 at 1:45 AM  
Blogger sue said...

welcome home simah..

wah jadi hantu buah..? eat all u can..dah explore local food ke utk ur kids..?

kat mana di penang tu?

i tgh countdown lg ni..lg 4 hari :-)

June 22, 2008 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger silversarina said...


memang ketara perbezaan walaupun simah balik musim panas tapi panas di sini melekit dan melengas , semoga anak-anak sabar dan happy .

June 22, 2008 at 11:15 AM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

Oh, your handphone went swimming? Agaknya tak dapat lah my sms the other day. Glad you are enjoying yourself. The kids will eventually adapt to life here, even if just for a while. Hehe biarlah diorang lasak sikit. I guss we Malaysians take creepy crawlies like ants and spiders and mosquitos gor granted, kadang-kadang we don't even notice them, hehe.

June 22, 2008 at 12:16 PM  
Blogger Kak Elle said...

simah makan puas2 nanti balik turkey tak dpt tu semua...hehe

hope you still remember my mobile number:)

June 22, 2008 at 12:41 PM  
Blogger Faizah said...

Seronok Halil dapat makan macam2..itulah kelebihan msia..makan jgn risau..semua adakan..bila2 masa pun boleh makan..tak ikut time dah..

June 22, 2008 at 7:09 PM  
Blogger cikMilah said...

alamak.. we're so near now....

June 23, 2008 at 9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Simah,
So glad to read how u r all enjoying your time there despite the biting ants! Yesterday evening we have returned from Sarajevo. It was such a lovely place which reminds us the past Ottoman times. Although Elo was sick (she had scars in her mouth due to antibiotics) at the beginning, we have tried to enjoy. It was a very good family break for us. Miss u all. Love,

June 23, 2008 at 12:10 PM  
Blogger MULAN said...

seronok nya... seronok nya...!!! bila la dapat jumpa ni..??

June 23, 2008 at 12:44 PM  
Blogger Sherin Almashor said...

Hi Simah... It's Sherin. Glad to have had the chance to meet up with you face to face! And with Nisak lagi. U r nothing like u described well only the bubbly part yg betul.. U lied about ur weight.. U tak lah sebesar seperti yg u kata!!! :P Anyway, keep in touch and hope to see u again b4 u leave for Turkey.


June 23, 2008 at 1:56 PM  
Blogger Old Banana said...

Hi kak, kesiannya budak budak kena gigit semut. Did you try pakai kapur? to put on the floor not on the kids I mean :P

Anyway I would probably move to Dubai by the time you come back from Msia. Insyallah we will meet up first in Istanbul before my move.

Selam soyle to the poor kiddies.

June 23, 2008 at 7:42 PM  
Anonymous simah said...

kak kiah
jeles kan? along ikut wan mungkar kot...tu ygbadan dia kecik n awet tu kot....

ok...kami tunggu satu bas dari kajang nanti...wahhh meriah la yana kawin nanti...bestnyaaaaaaaaa!!

*** far so good... :0).. kitaorang balik bercuti ajer...masa utk anak anak kenal keluarga di sini..

ms istanbul
will look at it! give me a call eh? my no is the one with 0146.....

kat kepala batas seberang perai...mesti u happy n berdebar nak meletup yek?

memang meleket...tapi bagus la jugak...bila balik kids will have loads to tell...


Queen of the House
i tak dapat ur message akak....

yup..we malaysians take those crawlies for granted... kalau u tengok anak i mesti u tergelak besar... nampak semut menjerit! hahahahaha

kak elle
tak luckily i jotted it somewhere!! hope to see ya!


tempat timbang dah reject i dah!!! hahahaha


cik milah
give me a call eh? boleh jumpa :0)


Dear F
i am glad that u have enjoyed ur trip..itz great isnt it to be able to have a simple family holiday... our beloveds have been far too busy eversince baba died...

we miss u all very much.... take care! hugs n kisses to elo n zeynep

nanti la..kalau ada rezeki kita jumpa yek??

it was great to meet u too...tak puas!!

mana ada...i besar laaaaaa.. ari tu u rabun kot?? hehehe love the soto.... piawwww u!! nak lagi??? hehehehe hope we can get together again before i leave...

old bananas
pls convince him to stay laaaaaaaa...anyway...good luck with ur future endeavur...keep in touch tau!!

June 25, 2008 at 6:49 AM  

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